Microfibers are yet another form of plastic pollution that is entering our ocean via waterways, and they are our next top priority. These fibers were only recently recognized as a major ocean-polluting and food-contaminating concern, and the studies on this issue are shocking.


We seek is a mandate requiring the installation of microfiber-trapping filters on commercial and residential washing machines.  Our preference would be to focus on the commercial sector first. However, the filtration technology for large capacity machines won’t be available for another year. Currently, effective filters are only available for residential machines. Therefore, another option we’re exploring is an ordinance which requires a microfiber filter on all new washing machines. If you want to prevent microfiber pollution in your home now, filters are available for $99 from Wexco Environmental.


This short informative video by Seeker and Discovery is entitled “The Swim” and reviews the potential dangers of microfibers. It discusses research currently being conducted to find answers to how microfibers are impacting wildlife, humans, and our environment.