Save Our Shores is comprised of a small team of passionate environmentalists who share a strong connection to our ocean and, in particular, our Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. We thrive on enjoying all that the Sanctuary has to offer and protecting it for generations to come. We are scientists, ecologists, educators, conservationists, and members of the Monterey Bay community. 

Erica Donnelly-Greenan- Executive Director

Erica’s background as a marine conservation scientist and experience with marine facility operations, people management; and outreach with organizations focused on threats to our region’s environment will lead Save Our Shores into the future to fulfill its mission to steward clean shores, healthy habitats, and living waters to foster thriving marine ecosystems across our region. She plans to strengthen Save Our Shores’ ongoing coastal conservation efforts continuing to emphasize youth education and engagement and to sustain the organization’s commitment to advocate for smarter coastal policy and to actively engage community members and visitors. READ MORE about Erica’s experience and her plans for Save Our Shores.

Favorite Marine Activities: wildlife viewing, getting in the water, beach running, and beach lounging

Email: erica@saveourshores.org

Elva Sprattling- Director of Finance and Operations

Elva grew up in Guadalajara. Her first working experience was with the hardware and tools sector in administration and dealing with exports, Incoterms, and ISO standards at a global level. After college she lived in Europe for two years while earning her MBA and working for one of the BIG 4. She’s lived most of her adult life in the United States and has worked over the hill for the private sector and locally for the California Superior Court and Santa Cruz County. 

Elva brings her 20+ years of managerial, operational, and financial accounting experience to Save Our Shores. She is in charge of operational and financial management in accordance with Federal, State, local business, and labor laws as well as grants and contracts to make the organizations’s conservation efforts a reality!

Favorite Marine Activity: Whale watching

Email: elva@saveourshores.org

A laughing and smiling woman with dark blond hair stands in front of a sandy beach and the ocean on a cloudy grey day.

Emily Pomeroy- Program Manager

Emily is originally from New York state and has called the Central Coast home since 2017. She is passionate about connecting others to the natural world and encouraging people to help protect our environment through education, interpretation, and imagery.

At Save Our Shores, Emily manages the education and outreach programs, engaging the community in learning about and protecting their beloved Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Favorite Marine Activities: Kayaking and photographing marine life

Email: emily@saveourshores.org 

Krista Rogers—Education & Outreach Coordinator

Krista is a Santa Cruz native who grew up in Capitola and attended the University of California, Santa Cruz where she studied marine biology. Before joining Save Our Shores she worked and volunteered in youth programs at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center, where she developed her passion for engaging youth in marine science and connecting people with the amazing ecosystems of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

At Save Our Shores, Krista brings marine science and conservation to local classrooms and engages students in beach cleanup events to promote environmental stewardship of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Favorite marine activities: tide pooling, snorkeling, and beachcombing

Email: krista@saveourshores.org

Gail McNulty—Sr. Manager for Communications

Gail grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and spent most of her adult life in New York City and the DC Area before participating in a fellowship program at Stanford and moving to Santa Cruz with her family. Her background includes extensive volunteer work along with advertising, public relations, and teaching high school English and art in the Bronx for a few years after 9-11. 

At Save Our Shores, Gail is working to raise awareness about the plastic crisis and other threats to our marine ecosystems, the climate emergency, and the need to empower youth to defend their shared future and the natural world. 

Favorite marine activities: watching her children enjoy junior guards and learning to surf along with other families at Cowells. 

Email: gail@saveourshores.org

Featured photo by Michael Langhans