Our history is deeply woven into the creation of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. We have prevented offshore oil drilling in the greater Monterey Bay area, continuously combatted plastic pollution, ended illegal sand mining along our Sanctuary’s shores and so much more. We’re celebrating 40 years of conserving the Monterey Bay, and we’re looking forward to another four decades of continual work to save our shores. 


Formed as a grassroots movement to prevent offshore oil drilling

Dan Haifley, Save Our Shores
Dozens of people in the early 1980's gather for a protect on a beach with signs and blue balloons and a bluff in the background.


Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit


Organized the first Coastal Cleanup Day along the North Coast of Santa Cruz

Girl Scouts San Jose Save Our Shores
A lone offshore oil rig sits out in the blue ocean waters with a peach sky in the background.


Advocated for the passage of 26 local ordinances to effectively prevent offshore oil drilling


Co-founded and chaired the Conservation Working Group to advocate for the best ecological boundary for the Marine Sanctuary

Marine Sanctuary Map
Save Our Shores Irene Reti


Celebrated the establishment of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary


Launched Dockwalker program

Save Our Shores Dock Walker Volunteers
Save Our Shores Sanctuary Stewards by Shay Hlavaty


Established the Sanctuary Stewards volunteer program


Collaborated with the California Coastal Commission who took Save Our Shores’ Dockwalker program statewide

Save Our Shores Dock Walkers Survey
Fishing boats and sailing boats sit in the Monterey Bay at sunset near the Santa Cruz Harbor.


Hosted the first Central California Fishermen’s Forum on marine protected areas


Became the official Annual Coastal Cleanup Day coordinator for California’s Central Coast

Kaplan Adopt a Beach Save Our Shores


Started the Adopt-A-Beach program


Created the Central Coast Sanctuary Alliance to regulate single-use bags and polystyrene containers

Stand Up Against Big Plastic Save Our Shores Jimmy Panetta
Cemex Walk Save Our Shores Save Our Sand


Launched campaign to oppose sand mining on the Sanctuary’s shores


Secured an agreement for shutdown of CEMEX sand mine

Launched new strategic vision based on creating the most important conditions for a thriving Monterey Bay: clean shores, healthy habitats and living waters

Save Our Sand Save Our Shores Public Hearing


Ongoing opposition to the current Administration’s threats to the Sanctuary

Continuing advocacy to address plastic pollution on our shores and in our waters

Revamping our education program and writing K-12 curriculum that aligns with California Science Standards

Launching customized beach management plan development stakeholder process for our 10 hotspot beaches