Help stop plastic pollution in the Monterey Bay!


  • Beverages will be sold in aluminum or glass, which can be recycled indefinitely, and do not contribute to microplastic pollution. 
  • Larger jugs that are more than 24 ounces (like gallon water, milk, or juice containers) would not be impacted by this mandate. 
  • Various studies have put the cost of using glass over plastic as approximately $0.01 to $0.02 more per bottle, without a huge impact on businesses or consumers. 
  • There truly is no such thing as sustainable single use. The best solution would be to rid our society of single use packaging of any kind, and shift instead to a circular economy. This may include solutions such as bulk bins and refilling stations that allow people to refill their own reusable containers.  This tactic has been embraced in the brewing community, where growlers (glass containers) can be refilled indefinitely, in local health food stores, and reduced-waste shops.