We’re celebrating the value of our Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s many ecosystems so that our iconic indicator species can thrive. We’re increasing the community’s awareness, appreciation, and understanding of these habitats as well as conducting restoration projects are key. 

Healthy Habitats Save Our Shores



We’re building collaborative relationships with various Monterey Bay resources to drive better understanding of our coastal habitats. Also, we’re reviewing existing habitat and species research to better understand restoration needs and to identify if there are any gaps in the current research. 

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Engaging in Restoration

We’re mobilizing our huge volunteer community to work with organizations that specialize in coastal habitat surveying and restoration. 


We’re partnering with local organizations, including Moss Landing Marine Labs, to promote regenerative aquaculture that can help restore damaged or polluted habitats. 

a dozen oysters and some plants cluster on a rope under water. Four more similar ropes are in the distance behind it.


Educational Programs

Save Our Shores is teaching the next generation of ocean stewards. We offer in-class programming paired with a beach field trip aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


MPA Mondays

MPA Mondays is a push across all social media platforms to raise the general public’s awareness and appreciation of marine protected areas (MPAs) across California’s Central Coast.  

Paddle Cleanups

Join Save Our Shores on the water for one of our monthly paddle cleanups in Elkhorn Slough, Pajaro River, or Salinas River.

Dock Walkers 

This program provides one-on-one outreach in local harbors to help boaters appropriately discard of used oil, share best clean boating practices, and waste products. By doing so, we’re keeping our waters clean and healthy where sea life can thrive.

Waves and Wildlife

Our annual photo contest and exhibit engages photographers and community members alike in capturing and experiencing the beauty of marine protected areas in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. 

Featured photos by Edward Garner, Irene Reti, and Jim Kirklin