earth Day live 2020 • Videos & lesson plans

These short videos offer a glimpse of why Earth Day and the global climate action movement matter — even during a global health crisis.

Parents and teachers in all subject areas are encouraged to share the videos, open a dialogue based on a few of the reflection questions, and invite students to take action and participate in Earth Day Live 2020!

Earth Day 1970 to Earth Day Live 2020
— 50 Years A New Era

Sample reflection questions:

Compare Earth Day 1970 to today’s climate and environmental justice movement. What are the similarities and differences?

Why do you think #EarthDayLive2020 organizers hope to center the voices of indigenous and frontline communities? Do you think this is important? Why or why not?

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Why does Earth Day matter now?

Sample reflection questions:

Why are Earth Day and the climate justice movement important — even in the midst of the current global health crisis?

What would it look like to absorb the lessons of the pandemic and to fight for a world in which everyone can thrive?

6 Lessons Covid-19 can teach us about the climate crisis & why Earth Day matters

Sample reflection questions:

Sample reflection questions:

What would it look like to absorb the lessons of the pandemic and build a world in which everyone can thrive?


  • Sign up for ​EarthDayLive​ & help spread the word!

  • Sign up to speak or join an open mic as part of a local or regional ​EarthDayLive​ event

    and/or ask one of your teachers if you can have a few minutes during a digital class to

    share about why Earth Day matters to you.

  • Do a TikTok to help get the word out about ​EarthDayLive

  • Make a sign about why this matters to you. Share it on social media with the hashtags

    #EarthDayLive, #DigitalStrike, and #StrikeWithUs, post it to ​Save Our Shores’

    #EarthDayLive Sign Gallery​, and post the paper version in your window or yard.

  • Ask your student government, PTA, teachers union, and/or school board to pass a Climate

    Emergency Resolution. Learn how and download sample resolutions at ​Schools for

    Climate Action​.

  • Help your school transition to 100% Clean Energy. Download the ​Sierra Club’s ​100%

    Clean Energy School District Organizing Handbook and Toolkit​.

  • Help your school to reduce plastic consumption. Join the ​Plastic Pollution Coalition’s

    Plastic Free Schools Project​.

  • Plan a digital teach-in that will bring your community together to learn and build capacity to

    advocate for a cleaner, more secure future. Learn how: ​Earth Day Network’s 2020

    Teach-In Toolkit

  • Learn more! Sign up for ​FREE virtual conferences, events, and a digital environmental film

    festival at EarthX2020​.

  • What’s your vision for the future? Explore possibilities​ in ​The Green New Deal: Bioneers

    Media Collection​ and ​The Years Project: We Can Solve This​.

PHOTO CREDIT: Sammy Garcia, Asilomar, Save Our Shores Wave & Wildlife 2019