earth Day live 2020 • Videos & lesson plans

These short videos offer a glimpse of why Earth Day and the global climate action movement matter — even during a global health crisis.

Parents and teachers in all subject areas are encouraged to share the videos, open a dialogue based on a few of the reflection questions, and invite students to take action and participate in Earth Day Live 2020!

Earth Day 1970 to Earth Day Live 2020 — 50 Years A New Era

Sample reflection questions:

Compare Earth Day 1970 to today’s climate and environmental justice movement. What are the similarities and differences?

Why do you think #EarthDayLive2020 organizers hope to center the voices of indigenous and frontline communities? Do you think this is important? Why or why not?

Why does Earth Day matter now?

Sample reflection questions:

Why are Earth Day and the climate justice movement important — even in the midst of the current global health crisis?

What would it look like to absorb the lessons of the pandemic and to fight for a world in which everyone can thrive?

6 Lessons Covid-19 can teach us about the climate crisis & why Earth Day matters

Sample reflection questions:

Sample reflection questions:

What would it look like to absorb the lessons of the pandemic and build a world in which everyone can thrive?


  • Sign up for ​EarthDayLive​ & help spread the word!

  • Sign up to speak or join an open mic as part of a local or regional ​EarthDayLive​ event

    and/or ask one of your teachers if you can have a few minutes during a digital class to

    share about why Earth Day matters to you.

  • Do a TikTok to help get the word out about ​EarthDayLive

  • Make a sign about why this matters to you. Share it on social media with the hashtags

    #EarthDayLive, #DigitalStrike, and #StrikeWithUs, post it to ​Save Our Shores’

    #EarthDayLive Sign Gallery​, and post the paper version in your window or yard.

  • Ask your student government, PTA, teachers union, and/or school board to pass a Climate

    Emergency Resolution. Learn how and download sample resolutions at ​Schools for

    Climate Action​.

  • Help your school transition to 100% Clean Energy. Download the ​Sierra Club’s ​100%

    Clean Energy School District Organizing Handbook and Toolkit​.

  • Help your school to reduce plastic consumption. Join the ​Plastic Pollution Coalition’s

    Plastic Free Schools Project​.

  • Plan a digital teach-in that will bring your community together to learn and build capacity to

    advocate for a cleaner, more secure future. Learn how: ​Earth Day Network’s 2020

    Teach-In Toolkit

  • Learn more! Sign up for ​FREE virtual conferences, events, and a digital environmental film

    festival at EarthX2020​.

  • What’s your vision for the future? Explore possibilities​ in ​The Green New Deal: Bioneers

    Media Collection​ and ​The Years Project: We Can Solve This​.

PHOTO CREDIT: Sammy Garcia, Asilomar, Save Our Shores Wave & Wildlife 2019