Save Our Shores, Virtual Planet Technologies, and Oceans360 have teamed up to create a virtual reality experience of our region’s Marine Protected Areas to offer middle school students a glimpse of these magnificent underwater treasures and learn why they are vital to the health of our oceans and a healthy future of all life on Earth.

In the VR experience students join an animated sea lion named Marina on a fun and educational journey in a Save Our Shores submarine observing and interacting with various species in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) along the Central California and Southern California coastlines. You can try this immersive experience using an Oculus Quest headset, or on Vimeo 360º in the links below. Contact us to schedule this lesson with your students, or utilize the resources and lesson plan below to engage your students or children in the content.

All materials, including videos in Spanish and Portuguese, can be found here.

Click here for the Dive trailer

Click here for the 360º video

Click here to download the lesson plan

Click here to download the class materials