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Annual Coastal Cleanup

Join Save Our Shores on September 19th for the would's largest beach clean up effort.

The Annual Coastal Cleanup is the world’s largest volunteer effort for the ocean. Every year, hundreds of thousands of volunteers remove millions of pounds of trash from beaches across the globe. Here on California’s Central Coast, Save Our Shores is responsible for leading nearly 80 beach cleanup events. The success of our local cleanups are determined by you!  The more hands we have helping, the more pollution we can prevent from entering our beautiful ocean and endangering marine wildlife. Last year, our community of volunteers managed to remove 24,379 pounds of debris. That’s equivalent to 37 adult male sea lions!

Join Our Community On September 19th



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GETTING INVOLVED IS EASY: register, pick a beach, help clean it, hangout with family and friends, soak up the sun, and get rewarded with free prizes!  Become part of our 4,000 strong volunteer community today.




Did you know that nearly 4,000 volunteers and 35 businesses participated in the 2014 Annual Coastal Cleanup?  Get your business, school, or organization involved today and get recognized!



Save Our Shores hosts nearly 80 cleanup sites including beach, river, kayak and SCUBA sites



Beach Cleanup Volunteers
Do you have a lot of influence, pride, or respect for your community and its local beaches?  What about a particular beach?  If you answered yes, then you sound like Annual Coastal Cleanup Site Captain material and we want you!  Save Our shores is looking for your leadership to help setup, educate, and run a beach cleanup site of your choosing.  Site Captains are unique in character.  They are the beating heart of Annual Coastal Cleanup day.  Are you up for the challenge?

Become A Site Captain Today!