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Save Our Shores Annual Coastal Cleanup Day 2016

Save Our Shores 2016 Annual Coastal Cleanup


Annual Coastal Cleanup Day is the world’s largest volunteer effort for the ocean. Every year, hundreds of thousands of volunteers remove millions of pounds of trash from beaches across the globe. Here along California’s Central Coast, Save Our Shores is responsible for leading 75 beach, river, and inland cleanup sites—stretching 85 miles of coastline from Waddell Creek Beach in Northern Santa Cruz County to Los Padres National Forest in Southern Monterey County. The success of our local cleanups are determined by you! The more hands we have helping, the more pollution we can prevent from entering our beautiful ocean and endangering marine wildlife. Last year, our community of 3,220 volunteers managed to remove 8.2 tons of pollution from beaches, rivers, and inland cleanup sites. That’s equivalent to 9 blue whale calves.

Ready to jump in? We need your help to restore the beauty of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.
Please pre-register at the location of your choice today so that we can coordinate supplies!



Save Our Shores Annual Coastal Cleanup, Here's What To Expect

ONCE YOU CHOOSE A CLEANUP SITE TO CARE FOR, you’ll want to arrive at the meet-up location before 9:00am. Pre-registration is encouraged, but not mandatory. When you pre-register, we’ll email you details and connect you with your awesome Site Captain for the day! Once there, you’ll sign a safety wavier and receive a safety talk (To get a head start, please sign our waiver HERE). Last, you’ll be equipped with a bucket/trash bag, gloves, and grabber and sent out into nature for a rewarding experience! We’d like to remind you that supplies are first come first serve (another good reason to pre-register). We encourage you to bring your own reusable cleanup supplies to help reduce waste.

Pre-register Today! 

Annual Coastal Cleanup Site Captain

ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT THE OCEAN? Do you have a lot of respect for your local beaches and rivers? What about a particular one? Do you have influence in your community or belong to a group of awesome people? Are you looking to make a difference? If you answered yes, then you sound like Annual Coastal Cleanup Day Site Captain material, and we want you! Save Our Shores is looking for your leadership to help setup, educate, and run a cleanup site of your choosing. Site Captains are unique in character. You’re the beating heart of Annual Coastal Cleanup. If you’re up for the challenge this September 17th, then email us at: 


Each site is different! Pick from beach, river, inland, kayak, or scuba diving cleanup sites…


marine-health-iconWILDLIFE HEALTH: Trash negatively impacts Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is home to 29 MPAs! These delicate sanctuary zones are essential for the development of marine ecosystems. MPAs increase fish sizes and population, reduce overfishing, restore marine habitats, support marine diversity, and improve the overall health of coastal ecosystems that sustain life. Remember, trash knows no boundaries. We’re the only one’s that can prevent waste from entering our ocean.
economy-iconLOCAL ECONOMY: If a beach gains the reputation of being dirty, then less people will visit it. Lower visitation significantly reduces the amount of money visitors spend at beach communities. The cost of coastal waste management is very expensive. NOAA recently published a study estimating that Orange County could save $67 million alone if they reduced the amount of trash on their beaches by 50%! Ever wonder what the counties of Monterey and Santa Cruz could save?
human-health-iconHUMAN HEALTH: The health of a community is largely social and environmental. The more healthy a local environment is, the more its people engage in social and physical activities. When a community is more active, they’re more likely to have better mental, physical, and emotional health. Save Our Shores Annual Coastal Cleanup is designed to bring communities together to actively participate in improving their local environment. We’re here to benefit every California Central Coastal community!



Save Our Shores Annual Coastal Cleanup, Get Your School Involved

IF YOU’RE A TEACHER interested in strengthening your student’s connection and knowledge about the ocean, we want to help! We offer school educational presentations and cleanups at your favorite beach in Santa Cruz or Monterey County for Annual Coastal Cleanup Day. For details, please contact our engaging School Education team at: 

Save Our Shores Annual Coastal Cleanup, Get Your Company Involved

GET YOUR BUSINESS RECOGNIZED as an ocean champion. Annual Coastal Cleanup Day is the perfect opportunity to show the community that your business cares about the marine environment. Our sponsors are recognized all around Monterey Bay area through advertisements, posters, online, and more. Interested? Contact us at: 

Save Our Shores Annual Coastal Cleanup wouldn’t be possible without the support and dedication of our many volunteers, Site Captains, Sanctuary Stewards, sponsors, and partners. Coordinating such a mass cleanup effort takes extensive community involvement.

Save Our Shores Annual Coastal Cleanup Sponsors 2016

PLEASE NOTE: For river cleanups, we recommend closed-toed shoes, rubber boots, and heavy-duty gloves to help keep you clean and dry.