Davenport Main Beach is one of our 2014 Hot Spots for a reason—it’s consistently trashed by parties, illegal camping and heavy foot traffic. During the summer, conditions only worsen.

In order to address this issue, a team of dedicated volunteers with Save Our Shores—led by Sanctuary Stewards Haig, Sienna and Melanie—hit the beach every Sunday morning to prevent pollution and debris from entering the Monterey Bay.

Shark Tooth Beach TrashFrom June through Annual Coastal Cleanup Day on Sept. 20, these volunteers removed 3,271.2 pounds from Davenport Main Beach!

And our volunteers didn’t stop there.

Haig, Sienna, Melanie and Norm worked with Whale City Bakery to provide free drinks to all volunteers who helped clean the beach on Annual Coastal Cleanup Day. To top it off, Haig brought the team from SanDisk (his employer) to volunteer at Davenport Main Beach that day.

Davenport Xstream CleanupThis summer-long cleanup effort would not have been possible without the support of the County of Santa Cruz and GreenWaste Recovery, which provided dumpsters during busy weekends and waste-hauling after each cleanup.

Our team’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. On October 6, the Santa Cruz Sentinel published a letter written by Noel Garin Bock, which specifically thanked our Sanctuary Stewards for leading the cleanup effort on the North Coast.

Davenport 1Check it out:

Summer volunteers helped keep trash off beach

I saw the full-page ad from Save Our Shores thanking their sponsors, which prompts me to write a thank you to our North Coast Save Our Shores Heroes.

Haig, Sienna and Melanie are SOS volunteers, who religiously came up to Davenport every single Sunday all summer to pick up the disgusting piles of bottles, Styrofoam plates, and plastic cups that partiers had strewn on our bucolic beach. They were good-natured, reliable, and a joy to work with and should be commended for their selfless dedication to “playing an essential role in ocean conservation.” Haig was always refining a design for a pulley-system to haul the hundreds of pounds of trash up the cliffs.

– Noel Garin Bock

jay and crew


And thank you to REI for funding our Hot Spots cleanup program!

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