If you’ve visited any local beaches, you’ve probably come across a Save Our Shores sign or two, welcoming visitors and urging them to keep the area free of trash and other pollutants. Two such signs, which were stationed at Scott Creek Beach, were returned to our office in late October, after someone severely damaged them with a shotgun.

scott creek sign
One destroyed sign from Scott Creek.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time our signs—which cost $1,500 each—have been tampered with.

In April 2013, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported on the ongoing problem, following the destruction of one of our signs at Seabright State Beach, which was hit by vandals, shot twice, torn down and torched.

The signs located at Davenport Main Beach and Panther Beach are regularly graffitied, and just last month, the wooden pelican attached to the sign at Seabright State Beach was stolen.

panther graffiti
The sign at Panther Beach.

We strongly feel that these signs are a valuable education tool for the community and especially visitors, but as a nonprofit, we cannot afford to repair or replace the damaged ones.

Thankfully, our friends at Monterey Signs also recognize the value of our signs. After hearing about the shotgun incident, the company generously offered to donate two new signs to be stationed at Scott Creek! And we couldn’t be more grateful.

It’s the support of community members and local businesses like Monterey Signs that ensures the continuation of our work in the Monterey Bay area.

You can help with the upkeep of our signs by mailing a check with the note “SOS Signs” to the following address:

Save Our Shores
345 Lake Ave., Ste. A
Santa Cruz, CA 95062


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