THERE WAS A FULL HOUSE THIS MORNING in Scotts Valley as the California Coastal Commission met for their monthly meeting. Community leaders, policymakers, scientists, and community members encouraged the Commission to expedite their decision to close the illegal CEMEX sand mine in Marina, California. Among the nearly 100 rally participants were Santa Cruz mayor Cynthia Mathews, Marina mayor Bruce Delgado, Naval Postgraduate School Professor Emeritus Ed Thornton, as well as Save Our Shores and Surfrider Monterey leaders. Our voice was heard. More than 25 supporters addressed the Commission during their short public opinion period, encouraging the sand mine closure to be of a higher priority.

Our rally was a success! The Coastal Commission has decided to revisit the sand mining issue at their next monthly meeting, which is notable considering the issue was not on their agenda during this month’s meeting. We’re hoping that our community’s display will strengthen the Coastal Commission’s position to end their “indefinite” extension, allowing CEMEX to defend the illegal operations.

Thank you to everyone who showed up bright and early to take a stand and save our sand!

Check out some photos & videos from the rally below!

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[box]Thanks to KION, KPIX CBS, Monterey County Weekly, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, and the rest of our media partners who showed up to document the experience and share it with our community.[/box]