BREAKING: Coastal Commission unanimously approved settlement to Remove CEMEX sand mine from our shores! #ThankYou to everyone who turned #SaveOurSand into #SandSaved!! ❤️

BREAKING: CA Coastal Commission unanimously agrees to remove CEMEX sand mine from our shores! 

That’s right folks, the sand mining era in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary ended today… and so goes the last coastal sand mine the United States. It’s good news all around. Here’s a summary of the settlement:

  1. CEMEX can take sand for 3 more years at a 25% rate reduction, then the dredge has to be removed from property and the pond must be filled. Habitat restoration commences shortly after.
  2. CEMEX can continue to bag sand stockpiled for up to 6 years, at a designated site 1/4 mile away from the coastline.
  3. CEMEX must sell the property at a reduced value to Coastal Commission approved nonprofit, agency or business that uses the land for conservation, public access, education or managed recreational purposes only.

Want the details? Read the Staff Report.


Here are our thoughts:

“It was great to emerge from this multi-year effort with a win for the coast of our Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. We applaud the Commissioner’s approval of the settlement. We believe it’s a smart compromise within a reasonable timeline… and it couldn’t have been done without the support of our community.” – Save Our Shores Executive Director, Katherine O’Dea

“We especially applaud the agreement to sell the property at a reduced rate for valuable purposes such as conservation, low-impact recreation and public education. It’s important that we do not trade one form of mass development for another given the sensitive and ecologically significant habitats that stretch across the dunes.” -Save Our Shores Communications & Advocacy Manager, Ryan Kallabis

Check out our presentation to the Coastal Commissioners before unanimous vote.

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Thank you everyone for turning #SaveOurSand into #SandSaved! ❤️

We want to thank Monterey Bay residents, the California Coastal Commission, State Lands Commission, the City of Marina, Dr. Edward Thornton, Dr. Gary Griggs, Surfrider Monterey, Patagonia Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Waves, Rose Freidin graphic designer of the #SaveOurSand letter writing campaign cartoon, Ed Schehl of Raindancer Media and producer of “The Last Coastal Sand Mine,” David Schmalz of the Monterey County Weekly, Linda Zhang of KION Channel 5/46, Sustainable Seaside, Kathy Biala, Marina Mayor Bruce Delgado and countless others for all the hard work and dedication put into protecting the Monterey Bay coast. Without their efforts, the settlement probably would have never become a reality.

Last, but not least, thank you CEMEX for handling the settlement professionally and compassionately. Click Here for their response to the deal.

Small group of #SaveOurSand supporters rally outside of Coastal Commission meeting during break.
Small group of #SaveOurSand supporters rally outside of Coastal Commission meeting during break.

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