Davenport Main Beach is one of 10 Hot Spots that we are focusing on in 2014. These Hot Spots demonstrated the greatest need for outreach and cleanup efforts, according to data and community input. We hope to remove sites from the list as we give them the attention they require.

Shark Tooth Beach Trash

As we approach the end of the year, we’ve started to look back at the 2014 cleanups and analyze our impact. Our intern, Hailee, created the following graphs to show the progress of our work at Davenport Main Beach.

The first graph gives a snapshot of the year as a whole. It’s important to note that during the summer months (June-September), there are weekly cleanups at Davenport Main Beach, whereas we hold monthly cleanups the rest of the year. The graph below shows the average number of pounds of trash and recycling collected at each cleanup.


davenport data 2014


Next, we can view a breakdown of the busy summer months (June-September):


davenport data june 2014


The top three items collected in June:
1. Styrofoam pieces
2. Nails
3. Glass pieces



davenport data july 2014


The top three items collected in July:
1. Cigarette butts
2. Plastic food wrappers
3. Paper pieces


davenport data august 2014


The top three items collected in August:
1. Metal beverage cans
2. Glass bottles
3. Cigarette butts


davenport data september 2014


The top three items collected in September:
1. Cigarette butts
2. Styrofoam pieces
3. Cigarette lighters

Thank you to the many volunteers who prevented this pollution from entering the Monterey Bay! And thank you to REI for making our Hot Spot cleanups possible!






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