Every Save Our Shores volunteer felt valued and recognized during the volunteer appreciation party which is all we could have hoped for. The food was prepared potluck style and indeed everyone enjoyed bringing in their favorite dish to share. The staff and volunteers were able to try a variety of items and the stories surrounding each dish were shared with new friends in community.

Preparation for this party involved sending out evites to get an idea of how many volunteers were expected to show up. Once the RSVPs started coming in the fun part began: party planning! Purchasing the food was a main component. The menu included but was not limited to mouth-watering turkey burgers, grilled portabella mushrooms, colorful salads, fresh bread, and deliciously sweet cupcakes.Photo by Save Our Shores

The easy part was buying the produce. The tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms were all purchased in reusable canvas bags (we’ve got that part down!).  In addition, we thought avoiding plastic would be just as easy when buying fresh bread from the bakery.

One of the best fresh bread in town can be found at Kelly’s Bakery, a local favorite that serves delightful handmade bread. When asked if we wanted the bread sliced we replied “yes” thinking this was one less task we needed to do ourselves. We didn’t realize the woman behind the counter had begun to place the bread into plastic bags. No!!!

Preparation for every event is a learning process and from this Save Our Shores gained a greater understanding of the power of speaking up and asking beforehand if they would not use plastic packaging in the future.  We will go ahead and slice our own bread next time.

-Kim Marks
SOS Programs Intern

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