At Save Our Shores, we aim for zero plastic consumption. So when a shipment of vests for our volunteers recently arrived at the office, we were disappointed to find each individual vest had been wrapped in plastic (as if they needed protection!).

Vests packaged with individual plastic bags

Here are some ways that consumers can avoid such unnecessary and wasteful packaging:

1. Keep an eye out for companies that use alternative green shipping methods, like Geami protective wrap and ExpandOS smarter packaging.
2. Try to buy products from companies that reuse materials and employ paper packing tape instead of plastic tape. Check out BuyGreen.

We love the ideas put forth by blogger Beth Terry of My Plastic-free Life, particularly those that address the plastic packaging dilemma. Using her blog as inspiration, we could move forward in the following ways:

1. Write a message to the seller requesting zero plastic or Styrofoam packaging, including plastic tape, using a tagline like “Each and everyday is a plastic-free day at Save Our Shores.”
2. Develop a Product Packaging Policy that is unique to Save Our Shores, and add it the order. It might read something like this: “When shipping products to Save Our Shores, please avoid plastic packaging and find a sustainable alternative. Do not use Styrofoam peanuts, plastic wrap, plastic bubble wrap, plastic tape, Tyvek, plastic envelopes, or plastic bubble envelopes.”

– Kim Marks, SOS Intern

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