Getting people excited about Marine Protected Areas can be challenging, since they are located offshore and are, therefore, not easily accessible. To help educate local youth about the 29 Central Coast MPAs, we created a learning tool called the MPA Passport.

MPA passport cover
The cover of the MPA Passport

Designed for students in elementary school, middle school and junior high, our MPA Passport is an interactive guide that allows families to learn about MPAs, why they are so important to marine life and what activities are permitted within them.

mpa passport kids rolling hills
Students at Rolling Hills Middle School receive their MPA Passports

This fall, we began handing out the MPA Passports to local youth in South County as part of our marine science education program. So far, the reactions of local students and teachers have been positive.

Filled with activities, including a game in which the reader matches the sea creature to its native MPA, true or false questions about local MPAs, and opportunities to draw underwater scenes, the MPA Passports are fun for the whole family, and a unique resource for local teachers looking for extra credit options or supplemental learning tools.

Monterey Peninsula MPAs
A sample page in the MPA Passport

As students engage with their MPA Passports by completing activities, we will share their efforts with the community.

Questions about our MPA Passports can be directed to our Program Manager, Rachel: rachel(at)

The creation and printing of the MPA Passport was made possible by the generous support of the Resource Legacy Fund Foundation. Thank you!

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