April 21, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Emily Pomeroy
Photo by: Steve Mandel, OceansMicro

Plankton Make the World Go Round
Tiny Creatures Play a Critical Role for Our Blue Planet

Join Save Our Shores and local expert panelists from Cabrillo College, UC Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, One People One Reef, and OceansMicro as we dive into and explore the unseen world of plankton! Together we will learn how plankton help sustain our planet and support the incredible diversity of life we are fortunate enough to witness in our ocean backyard. We’ll zoom in on these tiny organisms LIVE through the eye of a microscope as we peer into a water sample discovering all that our local Monterey Bay holds within. Lastly, we’ll hear how each of us can continue to learn about and be amazed by plankton while contributing to the valuable data collection and community science efforts that help to better understand our oceans. You won’t want to miss this informative, exciting, and even perhaps emotional discussion!

The Panelists

Jane Silberstein, Cabrillo College Instructor, Board Member at Save Our Shores

Kendra Negrey, Lab manager/technician,  University of California Santa CruzKudela Lab

Lisa Uttal, Education Specialist, Plankton Monitoring Network, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Nicole Crane, Faculty Cabrillo College, Executive Director One People One Reef

Steve Mandel, Executive Director, OceansMicro

Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge important work of the dedicated Teaching Assistants at Cabrillo College and MBNMS Plankton Monitors towards the Plankton Monitoring Project, including, but not limited to: Katarina Herman, Clive Bagshaw, Amelia Labbe, Morgan Rector, Jasmine Ruiz, Lorena Dominguez, Justin DelToro, Chanel Robles, Gabriela Muniz, Itomi Rossi, Jenai Southworth, Stefani Torf, Craig Noke, Wendy King, Stacy Martin, William Van Peeters, Paul Meredith, and Joe Ferrie.

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