May 12, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Emily Pomeroy

Are you a watershed expert?! Put your knowledge to the test! Join Save Our Shores for a virtual Trivia Night – a fun evening of friendly competition.

1. All participants register in advance to receive the Zoom Link, HERE.

2. Form your team, or join solo! Choose 1 person from your team as your team captain. You or your team captain will submit your team name at the start of the game, and your team’s answers after each question.

3. Keep doing your part to protect our watersheds by taking our pledge to reduce your use of single use plastics, CLICK HERE! You will receive an email with tips for reducing your plastic waste!

1. Once the teams are set up, the host will MUTE ALL microphones before the start of each round. If your members are in different locations, you’ll need to group phone call your team (outside of Zoom) to confidentially discuss the questions.
2. For each round, we’ll go through the questions via mic and screen sharing.
3. After each question, the team captain will PRIVATELY direct message (via Zoom) their answers to the host.
4. We’ll tally scores after each round and give you all a scoreboard update.

– 3 rounds, 5 questions + 1 bonus question per round
– NO CHEATING, please. Studying beforehand is highly encouraged.
– The team with the highest score will be dubbed Save Our Shores’ Trivia Night winner!

Can’t Make It?

Consider providing a donation to help support our 42-year-strong organization’s continuing work during these challenging times. Our revenues have been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic and donations of any size to help support our ongoing work during these challenging times would be greatly appreciated.

This event is supported by the City of Santa Cruz.