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UPDATED on 4/30/15

The results of our Earth Day 2015 cleanup efforts are in! Last Saturday, April 18, we cleaned 10 sites on the Central Coast. And, with the help of more than 420 dedicated volunteers, we removed more than 3,300 pounds of pollution!

That’s just over one and a half tons!

Our volunteers picked up trash and debris at 4 Mile Beach, Cowell Beach, the San Lorenzo River, Twin Lakes State Beach, Soquel Creek, Beer Can Beach, Elkhorn Slough at Triple M Ranch, Elkhorn Slough roadside, Del Monte Beach and Carmel Beach.

The dirtiest region was Elkhorn Slough with more than 900 pounds of garbage removed from Triple M Ranch alone! Soquel Creek came in second with more than 315 pounds.

photo (1)The most common small item found by volunteers was cigarette butts and the most common large item found was mattresses.

There were numerous noteworthy items removed from Triple M Ranch, including 16 mattresses, 6 tires, 1 microwave, 2 TVs, 1 vacuum, 2 bags of sheep hair, 3 gallons of gasoline, 1 keyboard, 1 ceramic toilet, 1 commercial water dispenser, 15 pounds of clothes, 3 bags of diapers, 7 bags of fast food and multiple pallets of wood.

Volunteers at the Elkhorn Slough roadside cleanup managed to fill an entire 30-yard dumpster with garbage. There were many notable items found, including 600 cigarette butts, 10 bottles of motor oil, 7 tires, 2 mattresses, 4 couches, 100+ lottery tickets, 70 food containers and 1 car battery.

cowell beach hand earth day

None of our Earth Day cleanup efforts would be possible without the help of our volunteers and all of our Earth Day partners and supporters: City of Santa Cruz, County of Santa Cruz, Old Orchard School, Westmont High School’s Ecology Club, Aptosia, Carmel Residents Association, Elkhorn Slough Foundation, ALBA, GreenWaste Recovery, Chase Hauling, Waste Management, REI, City of Monterey, County of Monterey, Community Foundation Monterey County, County of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation, and California State Parks.


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