Citrix is one of many companies that teams up with us to clean local beaches each year. During one such cleanup on Friday, July 11, 22 Citrix employees collected 39 pounds of trash at Seacliff Beach.

citrix group
Thank you, Citrix!

While preventing pollution from entering the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the group spotted a sick female otter on the sand. Rather than simply go about their business, the group called a professional at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and facilitated a rescue operation.

citrix otter
Citrix spotted this sick otter on the sand.

Citrix not only helped Save Our Shores, they also saved the life of a local otter in need. Thank you, Citrix!

Those interested in tracking the otter’s health via the Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Otter Research and Conservation Program should note that she has been identified as otter #672.

citrix rescue otter
Sanctuary Steward Kent Okasaki and Monterey Bay Aquarium employee Karl Mayer help rescue the sick otter.

Find out how to report a stranded sea otter.

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