Shorebird caught in plastic by John Cancalosi

WE ARE ENEMIES of the environment. Though many of us have seen and experienced our affect on the environment first hand, we continue to ignore the true intention of our being. We are the creators of many things, but the destroyers of so much more. Banning plastic bags removes our impact on nothing other than our own selves. Many of us do not understand why we need to get rid of plastic bags. We are part of the environment as well as every other living thing on this planet. Species become extinct over time in a natural process, but as people, we are speeding this process up. This is because of pollution. More than 100,000 animals die every year from becoming entangled in plastic bags, or ingesting them. When recycled, only a small percentage of bags actually reach the recycling bin. On the opposing side of the plastic bag ban, the lesser demand for plastic bag manufacturing leads to jobs that will be lost. When the advantages are stacked against the disadvantages, one thing becomes clear. There is no reason to oppose a ban of disposable single-use plastic bags.

By Nicole Goosey

November 17, 2015

[box type=”info”] This blog post was written by Nicole Goosey, a student of Mr Andrew’s Scotts Valley High School environmental science class, and submitted to the Press Banner to build awareness around SB270 and the importance of banning plastic bag use in coastal communities.[/box]


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