and disturbing to know that Scotts Valley is the ONLY city in Santa Cruz County that still supports and accepts the horrendous single-use plastic bag. Not only do these bags end up in our nation’s trash cans; but in our world’s oceans. These plastic bags might seem easy to toss out, but these bags will haunt an untold amount of sea creatures for around 500-1000 years.

A quick fact to make you come to your senses: Did you know that 44% of all seabird species, 22% of crustaceans, all sea turtle species, and a growing list of fish species have been victims of plastic? Do you residents of Scotts Valley know that your decisions may impact thousands of animal lives?

Many might say “Scotts Valley is a small town, it won’t have any impact.” If you yourself have thought that, you should know that the average american citizen throws out 185 pounds of plastic a year. Scotts Valley currently has 11,755 residents. Imagine how much plastic that is. Imagine how many innocent lives that is. All lives matter. Let’s get rid of this monster that haunts our ocean floor. Sign our petition! Volunteer with our campaign! Let’s ban the bag!

By Jazmin Uribe Ramos

November 16, 2015

[box type=”info”] This blog post was written by Jazmin Uribe Ramos, a student of  Mr Andrew’s Scotts Valley High School environmental science class, and submitted to the Press Banner to build awareness around SB270 and the importance of banning plastic bag use in coastal communities.[/box]

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