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THERE’S A COMFORT in finding a brand that resonates with you. Their creations become more than just products, they become a lifestyle, a mark that embodies your personality. That is the way Save Our Shores feels about Ventana Surfboards and Supplies. The brand, the products, the function, the environmentally conscious values and design, they bring us closer to the ocean we strive to protect every day.

On paper and in practice, Ventana does exactly what they preach: Craftsmanship, Responsibility, and Adventure. These simple values are what repurpose century-old floorboards from local Victorian houses into handcrafted surfboards using bio-based resins. They are also what drives Ventana to donate 5% of their profits from their organic-upcycled Doug Ross, marine life apparel collection to benefit Save Our Shores’ marine education programs.

Ventana’s support and collaboration provides marine educational trips for students from underserved areas. Each trip offers an avenue for students to find and ignite their passion, highlighting Ventana as a model career in sustainability and showcasing opportunities in ocean stewardship.

When asked about the commitment, cofounder David Dennis gave us his philosophy. “We view Save Our Shores as a perfect extension to our ‘Responsibility’ brand value,” he said. “We want a healthy community for our children to grow up in… And a healthy environment so that our customers can get the most enjoyment out of our craftsman products. Polluted water and beaches negatively impact that. But we don’t want to just pay lip service to that fact, we want our products to showcase it.”

And showcase it they do with their Upcycle Partner Program. During the winter holiday, Ventana turns hundreds of glass bottles collected at Save Our Shores Hotspot beach cleanups into beautiful, soy wax candles to sell as gifts in support of our organization.

Ventana Surfboards and Supplies helps us enjoy the ocean responsibly. That is why we are honored to name VENTANA OUR 2015 OCEAN BUSINESS OF THE YEAR. We appreciate their support, their dedication, and their love for the Monterey Bay’s marine environment that we serve to protect.

To help our marine education programs grow, contact vivian@saveourshores.org

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