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Save Our Shores offers ocean education programs that are tailored to specific grade levels and aligned with current classroom subject matter. We make it easy for you to inspire your students and teach them the importance of conserving our ocean’s natural resources. Our experienced staff is constantly updating our curriculum to maintain relevance and support California teaching standards. If you’re a teacher, parent or school interested in arranging an educational opportunity with Save Our Shores, choose from our awesome programs below!

Classroom Activities & Presentations


We teach K-12 students the fundamentals of important ocean concepts–such as food webs, ecosystem functions, watersheds and the impact of plastic pollution. We introduce students to the natural wonders of the Monterey Bay, explore the reasons for why it’s a Sanctuary and discuss issues the ocean faces. We always link our lessons back to how students can do to further protect our ocean.


Field Trips


Field trips offer students a chance to apply ocean concepts learned in the classroom. Our hands-on experiences leave students empowered to care for the ocean.
Schools We Work With

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Help provide K-12 students with memories that inspire lifelong ocean stewardship!