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Classroom Education

DSC06755Our Plastic Pollution Classroom Education Program teaches marine conservation and watershed stewardship with a focus on coastal processes, plastic debris and marine ecosystems. We provide students with an interactive and fun learning environment that promotes a sense of wonder, empowerment, and connection to the ocean and our watersheds.

Presentations can be scheduled for classrooms, after-school programs, or extra-curricular activities. To arrange a classroom or field visit, contact education(at) Thank you for your flexibility, as SOS staff works under specific programs and organizational guidelines that may limit our availability.

The Plastic Pollution Classroom Education Program

1. Interactive educational activities and presentations teach students the fundamentals of ocean concepts, such as food webs, ecosystem functions, watersheds and plastic pollution. Presentations are usually classroom-based, while activities are suitable for the beach or the classroom.

2. Field components give students a chance to add a different context to concepts learned in the classroom. Field components are a great hands-on way for students to feel motivated and empowered to help keep our marine environment healthy.

3. Educational resources for teachers and educators add more depth to SOS classroom visits. Supplementary videos and activities can be checked out from SOS free of charge.