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Sanctuary Stewards Docent Program

stewards-1Sanctuary Stewards are a dynamic team of volunteers dedicated to protecting the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Stewards bring a variety of experience, skills and perspectives to our organization. They are at the heart of all of Save Our Shores’ work.

The Sanctuary Steward program prepares community members to become educators, advocates and experts on issues affecting the Monterey Bay and work toward local solutions.

Sanctuary Stewards Training

The Crash Course is a two-day commitment.

The first day is an in-house training at the Save Our Shores office held every other month, please see schedule on our public calendar. A few times a year we hold our bi-monthly trainings down in Monterey. During this training, we get to know each other, talk about what it means to be a Steward and go over logistics of leading an event.

After the in-house training, we ask all new Stewards go to a public cleanup within two weeks to get real-time training and some experience under their belt. Each Steward makes a personal pledge to volunteer 50 hours their first year, doing everything from leading beach cleanups, to giving educational presentations, to tabling at the farmers market, and representing Save Our Shores at other outreach events.

To enrich the Sanctuary Steward experience, volunteers are invited to a quarterly free lecture Sanctuary Speaker Series highlighting the work of world-renowned scientists, authors, photographers, artists and conservationists, such as Beth Terry, Judith and Richard Selby Lang, Marcus Erickson and Ana Cummings of 5 Gyres, and March Shargel.

How To Apply:

Applications are always welcome! You must be 18 years old to apply.

Step 1: Read our Sanctuary Steward Volunteer Description
Step 2: Fill out our online application and Sanctuary Steward Pledge and email, mail, or drop off to Save Our Shores.

Save Our Shores, ATTN: Matt Miller
345 Lake Ave Suite A
Santa Cruz, CA, 95062

For more information, or to RSVP for a training, please email Matt(at)


“When I prioritized volunteering last year and began researching local non-profit organizations, Save Our Shores was a natural fit. After a full year on the team, beach clean-ups are only part of what I’ve done with Save Our Shores, but so far it’s been the most fulfilling. Seeing the smiles, community spirit and watching bag after bag, pound after pound of trash and recyclables removed from my playground is the best feeling there is.”

“Joining Save Our Shores is a great way to pitch in and help the community and have fun doing it.”

“Kudos and thanks to Save Our Shores for all your fantastic initiatives, beach cleanups and powerful leadership toward policy changes that help create healthier seas. REI is very proud to be a small supporter of your huge efforts. Thanks for all you do!”

“You guys are putting great energy into something I believe in and I appreciate what you are doing.”

“We continue to support SOS because of the advocacy and education your organization provides to protect and enhance the quality of the Monterey Bay. All of our Cruz members benefit from the work your organization does and we appreciate that very much.”

“Save Our Shores is a venerable environmental organization that has been at the front of every major effort to combat threatsto our precious coast and marine environment during the last three decades.”

“Thanks for all the work you do to create a beautiful and safe environment for bodysurfers and other ocean enthusiasts.”

“The most important effort to protect our coastline could not have happened without Save Our Shores.”

“I live blue because my brain tells me that there are countless convincing reasons that water quality is important, and my heart tells me it is the right thing to do.”

“We have a motto in my family. We can’t do it all, but we can all do a little. Every little bit helps. I can’t do it all, but I can do my part.”