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Plastic Bag Ban

“We Have Created A Plastic Problem”

2016 IS QUICKLY APPROACHING, and with it a new vote on the California Plastic bag ban. This ban had already been passed in 2014. However a recent increase in plastic bag supporters, specifically those in the industry of making plastic bags, have procured enough signatures across the state to put the ban to a referendum. …

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The Stubborn and Selfish City of Scotts Valley

IT IS ABSURD and disturbing to know that Scotts Valley is the ONLY city in Santa Cruz County that still supports and accepts the horrendous single-use plastic bag. Not only do these bags end up in our nation’s trash cans; but in our world’s oceans. These plastic bags might seem easy to toss out, but these bags will haunt …

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Plastic Bag Ban Under Attack

The California State Legislature became the first in the nation to approve a plastic bag ban in August of 2014, and on Sept. 30, 2014, Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law. It was a proud moment for Save Our Shores. Our team and the Central Coast Sanctuary Alliance had been working with Central Coast jurisdictions …

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Shorebird caught in plastic by John Cancalosi

Ban Plastic Bags

WE ARE ENEMIES of the environment. Though many of us have seen and experienced our affect on the environment first hand, we continue to ignore the true intention of our being. We are the creators of many things, but the destroyers of so much more. Banning plastic bags removes our impact on nothing other than …

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Help Ban Plastic Bags!

SB270—the state bill commonly referred to as the plastic bag ban—passed the legislature last week and now awaits Governor Jerry Brown’s signature. You can help by calling or writing to the Governor to encourage his signature. He has said that he “may” sign it. We need him to change that “may” to a “will.” Why, you ask? After …

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