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Marine Protected Areas, What Are They Good For?

CALIFORNIA IS UNIQUE in many ways, and when it comes to the ocean there is a natural phenomenon called upwelling that happens off our coast. This process brings oxygenated nutrient dense deeper water up to the surface. The nutrient abundance supports unique native habitats including kelp forests, rocky intertidal areas, wetlands, and the California Current. Each …

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MPA Mondays: How MPAs Support Fisheries

We’re always on the lookout for creative learning tools to educate people about Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and their importance. Here is an infographic from the World Wildlife Fund that does a great job of explaining how well-managed MPAs support fisheries. Pretty cool, huh? Got another MPA learning tool that we should know about? Email it to …

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MPA Mondays: More Fish, Bigger Fish, More Sex

Attempting to explain what a Marine Protected Area (MPA) is or why it is important can be extremely challenging—especially when your audience lives far away from the beach or local MPAs are not easily accessible. For that reason, we were delighted to stumble upon a new illustrated guide written by Amelia Urry and posted on …

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