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Marine Protected Areas, What Are They Good For?

CALIFORNIA IS UNIQUE in many ways, and when it comes to the ocean there is a natural phenomenon called upwelling that happens off our coast. This process brings oxygenated nutrient dense deeper water up to the surface. The nutrient abundance supports unique native habitats including kelp forests, rocky intertidal areas, wetlands, and the California Current. Each …

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Red Knot Shorebirds by Christophe Buidin

Forget Me Knot

Photo Credit © Christophe Buidin FORGET ME KNOT: Local Marine Protected Areas and Bird Species Resiliency Author and MIT Scholar visits the Monterey Bay to share stories of bird migration Did you know you are part of an annual 19,000 mile round-trip migration of a shorebird that is roughly the size of your foot? Every …

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Matt and Mara at Dockwalkers Moss Landing

#MPAmondays: A Day At The Docks

#MPAmondays– The fog had burned off hours ago, the sun concentrated its intensity onto the harbor of Moss Landing, it was going to be 100 degrees on the coast that day. We were five strong plus Matt’s puppy, Mara, snacked and ready to go–nothing could deter us from hitting the docks. Equipped with canvas tote …

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