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Save Our Shores Waves and Wildlife Photo Contest

Waves and Wildlife Photo Contest

GET OUT YOUR CAMERAS, it’s time for the Save Our Shores’ Waves and Wildlife Photo Contest! You like snapping beautiful photos of scenic places and majestic wildlife found along the Monterey Bay’s network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and we want to see them. But first, did you know that there are 29 MPAs along the Monterey …

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MPAs: Rockfish’s Best Friend

There are 29 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) on the Central Coast alone. An MPA is an ecosystem or area of the ocean that has been set aside to protect or conserve marine life and habitat. By limiting or restricting the take of marine animals and plants in these areas, we can protect the ecosystem as a whole. …

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Underwater Parks Day

Did you know that this Saturday, January 17, is Underwater Parks Day? The celebration was created with the purpose of educating people about the importance of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). MPAs have emerged as an essential tool in the protection of the world’s ocean from the threats of overfishing, pollution, climate change and destruction of …

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MPA passport cover

MPA Mondays: Our New MPA Passport

Getting people excited about Marine Protected Areas can be challenging, since they are located offshore and are, therefore, not easily accessible. To help educate local youth about the 29 Central Coast MPAs, we created a learning tool called the MPA Passport. (more…)

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