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MPAs: Rockfish’s Best Friend

There are 29 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) on the Central Coast alone. An MPA is an ecosystem or area of the ocean that has been set aside to protect or conserve marine life and habitat. By limiting or restricting the take of marine animals and plants in these areas, we can protect the ecosystem as a whole. …

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Underwater Parks Day

Did you know that this Saturday, January 17, is Underwater Parks Day? The celebration was created with the purpose of educating people about the importance of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). MPAs have emerged as an essential tool in the protection of the world’s ocean from the threats of overfishing, pollution, climate change and destruction of …

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MPA Mondays: More Fish, Bigger Fish, More Sex

Attempting to explain what a Marine Protected Area (MPA) is or why it is important can be extremely challenging—especially when your audience lives far away from the beach or local MPAs are not easily accessible. For that reason, we were delighted to stumble upon a new illustrated guide written by Amelia Urry and posted on …

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MPA Mondays: Lights, Camera, Point Lobos

Locals and tourists flock to Point Lobos for a variety of reasons—from the picturesque scenery, to the abundant wildlife, to the prime SCUBA diving. But did you know that in the early to mid-20th century, Point Lobos was also a popular film location? At least 47 films have been shot at the site. Some filmmakers …

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