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We’ve created #SaveOurSand campaign stations and positioned them across the Monterey Bay in various stores and at events to protest the illegal CEMEX Lapis Lustre Sand Mining operation in Marina, CA.

Each station contains the necessary tools for the average person to make a difference. We’re asking people to scoop some Lapis Lustre Sand refined from the mine, sign a petition postcard and seal it in an envelope. Each #SaveOurSand postcard contains a “tongue-and-cheek” cartoon on the front and an official petition letter on back, detailing the mine’s violations and our position. When we’ve collected several thousand, we’re going to deliver them directly to the California Coastal Commission and State Lands Commission during public meetings and to their offices.

This is a very public statement. It’s time for a cease and desist. It’s time to #SaveOurSand.

#saveoursand protest station locations

For the next month, people can drop in at these stations to sign a #SaveOurSand petition against the sand mine.

Save Our Shores Headquarters

Patagonia Santa Cruz Outlet

Santa Cruz Waves

Want a #SaveOurSand campaign station at your business, school or event? Contact us at… We’ll promote your location on social media, email and on our website. Together, we can #SaveOurSand!

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#SaveOurSand Campaign Station at Patagonia Santa Cruz

SUPPORT THE #SAVEOURSAND CAUSE! Your donation will help us build coalitions, build community awareness and help advocate on behalf of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary to finally put an end to the sand mine and its embedded economic, environmental and social costs we all bear. You can donate HERE!