Living Waters

Living Waters

We’re launching new program and creating knowledge sources to provide information to our community about how climate change is directly impacting our Monterey Bay Sanctuary. Our goal is to offer everyday solutions and simplified scientific facts so people are empowered to make a difference in the face of global warming.

Climate Change
Info Hub
TASK: Create an interactive digital hub focused on how climate change is impacting the Monterey Bay. Actively engage people so that they are interested in learning more and making small everyday behavior changes.


Expand Sanctuary
Speaker Series
TASK: Leverage our popular Sanctuary Speaker Series to feature more experts and topics on how your Monterey Bay is responding to climate change.


Host TED-Talks
TASK: Live-feed “TED-talks” on our Info Hub and social media with local ocean experts studying climate change and its impacts on our Sanctuary.


Create Interactive
Digital Experiences
TASK: Create short digital learning experiences about climate change in the Monterey Bay Sanctuary that are engaging, share worthy and offer simple everyday solutions.



Featured photos: Nathan Moses, Joel W. Rogers/Corbis, Lilianne de la Espriella, Sylvia Earle, Ryan Kallabis

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