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Rally To End Illegal Sand Mining

CEMEX Lapis Lustre Sand mine in Marina, Credit: unkown

Coastal Commission Set Shut Down Illegal Sand Mine.

The California Coastal Commission is holding their next Central Coast meeting on July 13th at the CSUMB World Theater in Seaside, CA. They will be discussing the proposed settlement to end the CEMEX sand mining operations in Monterey County has been reached, pending approval by the 12-member commission board at its July meeting. According to the statement, CEMEX has agreed to stop extracting sand from its sand mining operation in California, resolve its financial liabilities under the Coastal Act and withdraw any claims they have to a vested right for continued sand mining on the property. See the agenda HERE.

We need you there… The illegal sand mine in Marina, CA is slated to be on the Enforcement Report after lunch. Public support is a must. Mark your calendars, we still need the Commissioners to adopt the proposed settlement in order for the CEMEX sand mine to be shut down.

There’ll be a public comments period, we encourage everyone to speak! #SaveOurSand protest signs will be provided to liven the mood and display unity.



NOTE: please check this page periodically for updates

Learn more about the sand mine here

Take A Stand, #SaveOurSand from illegal sand mining in Marina, Calfornia

Save-Our-Shores-Sand-MiningThank you for being Stewards of our beautiful Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary!

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