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Save Our Shores Coffee Blend

Save Our Shores Blend from Alta Organic Coffee

☕️ Drink Organic Coffee Blended For Coastal Protection 🌊

Save Our Shores and Alta Organic Coffee & Tea Co. have partnered to protect our local coastline. Together we have blended a delicious coffee roast – the Save Our Shores Ocean Blend. It’s a delicious Indonesia and Central American blend that’s earthy, aromatic and bold.

A percentage of the sale of the Save Our Shores Ocean Blend supports our efforts to protect our Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and more specifically to help fund our student education and field-trip programs designed to create next generation of coastal stewards.

Besides right here, Save Our Shores Ocean Blend is also available now at these locations: Alta Organic’s Roasting Warehouse, Whole Foods, New Leaf, Staff of Life, Shopper’s Corner and others.

Proceeds from the Save Our Shores Blend supports the health of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary ☕️🌊😎


Save Our Shores Blend