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SAVE OUR SHORES’ staff members are educators, biologists, community builders, and ocean advocates. We are also surfers, divers, sailors, and kayakers that hold a deep appreciation for our ocean and the Monterey Bay community that we live in.

Katherine O’Dea, Executive Director

Email: katherine(at)
Office: 831.462.5660 x8

Favorite Ocean Activity: Boogie boarding and kayaking
Favorite SOS Program: I don’t really have a favorite! If I had to pick one, I’d probably say experiential education initiatives.
Favorite Marine Animal: California sea otter

Get to Know Katherine

Katherine comes to Save Our Shores as a seasoned sustainability expert, non-profit leader and conservationist. She has experience working across a range of sustainability issues like resource conservation, waste prevention, biodiversity, habitat restoration, water quality and climate change for organizations like Business for Social Responsibility, the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, and Green Blue Institute. She is an expert on product and packaging sustainability and identifying pathways for abating plastic waste, which comprises so much of the debris in our marine environments and ocean gyres.


Allison Titley, Development Manager

Email: Allison(at)
Office: 831.462.5660 x7

Favorite Ocean Activity: Kayaking and Sailing
Favorite SOS Program: All aspects of our programs that bring our community closer to caring for our Monterey Bay
Favorite Marine Animal: Octopus 

Get to Know Allison

Allison Titley has called Santa Cruz her home since 1995, where she helped create a development department at one of the largest non-profits in the county. She loves working with donors and community members with causes they hold dear. She is a mountaineer who grew up with a family of watermen. She is enthused to be working for an organization with a tremendous positive influence in the community.

Ryan Kallabis, Communications Manager

Email: ryank(at)
Office: 831.462.5660 x4

Favorite Ocean Activity: Paddle boarding and open water swimming
Favorite SOS Program: School ocean field trips
Favorite Marine Animal: Any kind of octopus

Get to Know Ryan

RYAN KALLABIS joins Save Our Shores with a experience creating compelling campaigns and messages that change the way people interact with an organization’s brand. His background integrates across the public and private sectors where he has promoted products, services, events, and environmental issues to a wide range of audiences. Before joining Save Our Shores, Ryan worked on connecting businesses, nonprofits, and people to sustainable practices that improve living standards without impacting the environment.

Matt Miller, Program Manager

Email: matt(at)
Office: 831.462.5660 x5

Favorite Ocean Activity: Surfing
Favorite SOS Program: Dockwalkers
Favorite Marine Animal: Black-footed Albatross

Get to Know Matt

MATT MILLER comes to Save Our Shores with a background in Environmental Education and Natural History. He is a transplant to Santa Cruz, but after living here for eight years he calls it home. It was at UCSC where he grew his academic and professional foundation for working in this field, but he is a lifelong champion for the environment.
After working in South America for Conservacion Patagonica, Matt returned to California to pursue more opportunities working with and investigating the natural world. He has spent the last two years working as a seasonal field biologist in salmon fisheries, and during the past two summers bike toured from Canada to Mexico down the Pacific Coast. Now, Save Our Shores provides Matt an opportunity to work with our community and tend to our exceptional marine environment.

Michael Pollacci, Program Coordinator

Email: michael(at)
Office: 831.462.5660 x2

Favorite Ocean Activity: Surfing
Favorite SOS Program: Educational cleanups
Favorite Marine Animal: Dugong

Get to Know Michael

MICHAEL POLLACCI is a Monterey Bay local from childhood. The ocean is in his blood, and protecting our local waters is a significant part of that. He comes to Save Our Shores with a degree in Sociology from UCSC with direct experience creating positive change through collective social action.

In his free time you can find Michael in the surf lineup somewhere between Big Sur and Half Moon Bay, climbing rocks, or riding around town on his skateboard. Michael’s roots to the Monterey Bay will help Save Our Shores influence our community so that we can better protect our coastline and the health of the diverse species living along it.

Melanie Franklin, Office Manager and Development Associate

Email: melanie(at)
Office: 831.462.5660 x1

Favorite Ocean Activity: Walking the beach and exploring
Favorite SOS Program: Anything involving education
Favorite Marine Animal: Anemone, coral, and jellyfish

Get to Know Melanie

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Save Our Shores Consultants

Julia Sauer, Bookkeeper